Education Sunday Service cum S1 Blessing Ceremony

With the aim of letting S.1 students and parents know more about Christian faith and the ELCHK Tin Yiu Life Lutheran Church, the Education Sunday Service cum S.1 Blessing Ceremony was held on October 11. Before the ceremony, the School Fellowship praised the Lord with heart and voice. We also invited Rev. CHEUNG Chun-wah, the Bishop of ELCHK, to give us a sermon and share the importance of prayers.
All S.1 students received warm blessing from Rev. Mr. CHEUNG, School Acting Supervisor and School Chaplain Rev. Ms. LAM, Principal Mr. WAN and Vice Principal Mr. TAM. The message, “gospel is from the gifts of God”, was conveyed through a wooden box filled with gospel cards written to students by the Principal, the ELCHK Tin Yiu Life Lutheran Church, class teachers, Religion Studies teachers and parents. At the end of the ceremony, five parent representatives also gave encouragement to students and wish students a brighter future.