Osaka & Kyoto Study Tour 2017

Around 40 students from S.1-5 had engaged in a 6-day Osaka & Kyoto Study Tour (from 21/6 to 26/6) conducted by the Moral and Civic Education, Liberal Studies, Science, Mathematics, and Life Education.

Students are divided into groups and carried out research to explore topics related to the cultural development, technological innovation and environmental protection of modern Japan. Students have visited the famous historic heritages including Kiyomizu-dera, Tōdai-ji and Osaka Castle.  Also, they have visited museums including Osaka Science Museum, Kyoto City Disaster Prevention Center and Kyoto Railway Museum.

We have arranged school exchange activities with Kyoto Prefectural University and Osaka City Minami Senior High School, where students can interact with Japanese teenagers. This was a very good experience for our students to widen their horizon and learn how to cooperate with groupmates and take care of themselves and the others.