Recognition Ceremony for Outstanding Students

The Recognition Ceremony for Outstanding Students was successfully held on May 14 to honor and celebrate the outstanding achievement of the top three students in each class. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students from S1 to S5 and their parents were allocated to different venues including the school hall, mini theatre and library to enjoy the sharing of our principal, Mr. Wan and outstanding students through live broadcast. Students were awarded certificates of recognition from our principal.
Using the example of “snapping the mosquitoes”, our principal illustrated the idea that “learning can take place anywhere”. Through the introduction of a movie, he also brought out the notion that the best children are those who love and enjoy learning. Students, thus, should not be restricted by examination scores and rankings. Indeed, they should learn actively, surpass themselves, and make continuous improvement.
Yeung Cho Yiu from class 4D and Ngan Ka Ki from class 5E shared their interpretation of the word “Excellence” and talked about how they strive for learning opportunities during the pandemic. While Ngan Ka Ki shared her experience in creating a people-oriented design plan, which won the OTIS “Made to Move Communities” Academic Challenge in the Asia-Pacific region, Yeung Cho Yiu talked about her journey of publishing her first novel “Traveller” in Amazon Books. Teachers, students and parents were moved by their sincerity, and felt their love and passion in learning.
An excellent person is someone who is determined and would constantly challenge oneself. With the love and support from parents and teachers, Lutheranians will be able to make success and lead a prosperous life.