S1 Admission Talk

S1 Admission Talk was successfully held on 16th December. Our S1 Admission Talk received over 2,600 on-line applications. They gathered at our school hall and 18 classrooms to deepen their understanding of our school’s mission and characteristics, as well as the admission criteria and S1 interview details. In the question and answer session, parents and students were very engaged. It helped parents gain acknowledgment of their concerns, which greatly enhanced their understanding of the school and confidence in S1 admission. Moreover, to celebrate our 60th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary, the first public broadcast of the music video of theme song “” was arranged. The wonderful music video was jointly organized by our school’s A cappella team “Basel” and hand bell team and filmed by our alumnus, Mr. Chan Kwun-Ming. The video has shown that our students can learn independently and break through the existing framework. All parents and students enjoyed a meaningful and joyful afternoon.