Seoul Study Tour

To let students experience the cultural characteristics and technological development in South Korea, the Moral and Civic Education Committee organized a 6-day tour to Seoul in November. It consisted of 40 students from both S1 to S5. During the tour, students made a visit to the Yonsei University (延世大學) . The featured architecture and landscape on campus were amazing. Apart from learning the history and recent development of Yonsei University, the students also had a chance to chat and exchange ideas with the University student ambassadors during the campus tour.
We also had a lot of fun by visiting LG Science Museum where students had an opportunity to know more about how the new technologies enhance our quality of life.

One of the highlight of the study tour was a visit to our sister school, Jinseon Girls’ Middle School. Students from both schools conducted performances and we have a good chat and catch-up with each other as we have mutual visit every year and this was our second visit to Jinseon Girls’ Middle School. We are all expecting them to visit us again in February 2018!

Last but not least, we visited the Seoul Tower, Gwanghwamun, Bukchon Hanok Villge and Myeong-dong. The attractive traditional architecture as well as popular culture made our trip an unforgettable one.