UK London & Cambridge Music Study Tour

Students from our school music teams had a music tour in England in 2019. The students went to Cambridge attending a tailor- made vocal course in the St. Catharine’s College and Jesus College of the University of Cambridge. The course was in charged by Dr. Edward Wickam , the Director of Music of St Catharine’s College. Under the coaching of Dr. Wickam and other choral scholars, the students were exposed to the advanced vocal and choral singing technique. At the end of the course, the 20 students had a public concert at the Great St. Mary’s Church in Cambridge and the repertoire ranged from classical to contemporary and they sang in Latin, English and Cantonese. Their performance was a great success and welcomed by the audience from different countries. During the music tour, the students also visited the backstage of the world famous concert hall, the Royal Albert Hall and went to the musical Les Misérables in London. The music tour was definitely an eye-opening experience and raised students’ confidence to pursuit a higher level of performance in choral singing.