Seoul Study Tour

With an aim to equip our students to be leaders with global competence and insight, our school organized a study tour to Seoul, Korea from 16 October to 22 October 2018. This tour allows our students to learn more about the education system, the learning culture and environment in Korea through the visit to one of our sister schools, Jinseon Girls’ Middle School. Each of our students was paired up with a Korean buddy who showed them around the school and exchange thoughts with them. Our students also joined their School Cultural Festival which was held on the same day as our visit. Students watched performances in both traditional and modern Korean style. For example, they watched some traditional Korean dancing and drums performance as well as some K-pop dancing performance. It was a precious opportunity for our students to broaden their international horizon.
To promote active learning and consolidate what they learnt in the study tour, students had to work on research topics related to the Korean culture, economic development, and history on a group basis. They were encouraged to do some research at home prior to the tour and actively observe and investigate the topic during the six days to compare the differences between the expectation and realit